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Arkreen Ecosystem Assets

In the Arkreen ecosystem, there are several kinds of digital assets:

Arkreen Assets and transition
  • AKRE:

    AKRE is the governance token and utility token of Arkreen community. It is rewarded to miners as the Proof of Physical Work (POPW) for generating green solar power. It is also charged as the Arkreen service fee in some AREC DApp flows, such as issuing AREC NFT. The AKRE token works as an incentive resource to drive the Arkreen community moving forward quickly and smoothly.

  • RE Miner:

    RE miner is the data collector of the renewable energy generation proof, which works 7x24 hours to monitor and generate the proof of the renewable energy generation. As an incentive, AKRE is rewarded to the owner of the miner.

  • RE Data:

    RE generation data are critical digital assets in Arkreen ecosystem. RE generation data can be used to issue the AREC NFT in the project current phase. Later, RE data might also be used to monitor and manage the RE transmission in the VPP application.

  • AREC:

    AREC is the Renewable Energy Certificate issued in Arkreen ecosystem. The truths that are continuously traced and recorded by physical miners, and also easily verified via cryptographic algorithms are the foundation of AREC issuance. AREC can be redeemed to commit a climate action.

  • ART:

    ART is the liquidized AREC asset with high liquidity. ART is ERC20 compliant, and can be swapped into other tokens within the Arkreen DEX. ART can also be offset to commit a climate action.

  • Climate Action:

    Climate Action is the digital record created within the Arkreen smart contracts while the climate actor redeems an AREC NFT or offsets some ART tokens. Climate Actions on-chain could be treated as the digital mapping of the climate actions taken in the physical world, within which all information related to the carbon offset commitment are recorded.

  • Climate Badge:

    Climate Badge can be freely minted based on climate actions on-chain, which can be used as the proof of carbon footprint offset. Climate Badges are SBT tokens bound to the climate actors.

  • AREC Asset Deployment

    AREC's core features and assets are primarily implemented in various smart contracts, compatible with the ERC-20 or ERC-721 specifications. Below are the token addresses of the aforementioned AREC assets. Users should exercise extreme caution and verify these addresses for security reasons when interacting with the AREC Dapp.

Smart contact NameDeployment Address
AREC NFT0x954585adF9425F66a0a2FD8e10682EB7c4F1f1fD
AREC Badge0x1e5132495cdaBac628aB9F5c306722e33f69aa24