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AREC DApp is the one-stop AREC service access entrypoint for the Arkreen community members to manage AREC related assets. It relies on multiple smart contracts deployed on the blockchain to provide services around AREC, including: issuing AREC, redeeming AREC,liquidizing AREC to ART, offsetting ART, solidifying ART to AREC, buying ART and minting Arkreen badge.

Please visit AREC Dapp here.

  • Issue AREC

    AREC is an NFT minted on the blockchain. Only the owners of the standard/remote miners are eligible to issue the AREC based on their RE generation data. Once an AREC NFT is minted, its corresponding RE generation data are consumed forever. The AREC can be listed for sale on any NFT open market.

  • Redeem AREC

    Anyone holding an AREC NFT can redeem the AREC to neutralize one's carbon emission. You can mint the AREC by running some miners, or buy the AREC in the NFT open market as a climate actor. Once the AREC NFT is redeemed, you are able to mint an Arkreen badge freely as the evidence of your climate action commitment.

  • Liquidize AREC

    AREC NFT can be liquidized to mint some ART tokens, the amount of which is exactly equal to the RE output conveyed in this AREC. ART, as an ERC20 token, has much better liquidity than AREC NFT, so it can be easily swapped into other crypto tokens within Arkreen DEX. ART can also be solidified to mint the AREC NFT by getting burned.

  • Offset ART

    Offsetting ART is to burn some ART tokens for eternity as a climate action. As the return, you are eligible to mint freely an Arkreen badge, the evidence of your climate action commitment. Climate actors can get ART tokens by swapping with other crypto tokens, such as USDC or MATIC. Arkreen DEX, integrated already with AREC DApp, provides such token exchange service.

  • Solidify ART

    Solidifying ART is to burn the given amount of ART tokens to recover the transferability of the AREC NFT under the FIFO (First-In-First-out) policy. The output AREC NFT is transferred to the wallet solidifying the ART tokens, and it will function normally as to be listed on the open market, or to be redeemed to neutralize carbon emission.

  • Buy ART

    Climate actors can buy ART tokens within the Arkreen DEX, and then offset these ART to achieve personal carbon neutrality. By combining two steps together: buying some ART tokens first, and then solidifying these ART tokens into an AREC NFT, the AREC DApp actually provides an alternative way to buy AREC NFT other than the open NFT market. ART, the AREC in the form of ERC20, can be easily composed with the DeFi and Web3 space to extend the accessibility of carbon emission reduction.

  • Mint Arkreen Badge

    While a climate actor redeems an AREC NFT or offsets some ART tokens, a digital climate actions will be registered within the Arkreen smart contract for the actor. Arkreen climate badge can be freely minted by all climate actors owning some climate actions. The Arkreen badge is designed as non-transferable SBT token bound to the actor's wallet, and may be used by the actor to show off the honor committing some climate actions.