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Climate Badge

The Climate badge is minted based on one or more climate actions created during the process of redeeming AREC NFTs or offsetting ART tokens. Each climate badge contains comprehensive retirement information. With this data, it becomes possible to trace back and identify all the original AREC NFTs that were retired to create the badge. This detailed record-keeping feature ensures transparency and accountability for the climate actions associated with the badge.

  1. Each climate badge is uniquely identified by the Badge NFT ID.

  2. Badge retirement data are stored in the structure OffsetRecord, which includes offsetTotalAmount, the total RE amount retired in this badge, and offsetIds, which stores all the IDs of the climate actions included in this badge.

  3. Each climate action is uniquely identified by an climate action ID.

  4. For each climate action, the Redeem/Offset action details are stored in the structure OffsetAction, which records the timestamp taking the climate action, the RE amount retired in this action.

  5. Within OffsetAction, the correlated AREC NFT ID or Offset Detail ID is stored, which is indicated by tokenId.

  6. Two bits in tokenId are used to differentiate the ID of the AREC NFT redeemed, or partially offset. All the other lower bits are used to indicate the AREC NFT ID or Offset Detail ID.

    • 00b, tokenId is the redeemed AREC NFT ID.

    • 10b, tokenId is the partially offset AREC NFT ID. A retired AREC NFT may be jointly offset by multiple climate actions taken by several climate actors.

    • 11b, tokenId is the actually the Offset Detail ID. In this case, multiple AREC NFTs are retired in one climate action.

  7. Offset Detail ID uniquely identifies a list of AREC NFT being offset in one climate action.

  8. Each AREC NFT retired in one climate action is recorded in the structure OffsetDetail.

  9. OffsetDetail records the AREC NFT ID and the retired RE amount in this climate action.

With the design described above, it is able to handle following 3 use cases:

  • An AREC NFT is retired as a whole while it is redeemed in a climate action.

  • A retired AREC NFT can be jointly offset by multiple climate actions burning ART tokens.

  • A climate action offsetting a large amount of ART tokens can retire multiple AREC NFTs in one action.

With this design, detailed information about the Climate Actions and original AREC NFTs associated with the Climate Badge NFT is recorded. Using this data, AREC Dapp is able to to generate a PDF file containing all this information. For instructions on how to generate and download this PDF file, please refer to the Generate Badge PDF file section.

Climate Badge Information