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Q1: I tried AREC Quick Start in 2 browsers (or 2 computers/cellphones). The 2 browsers show inconsistent information or get stuck when issuing ART. How can I deal with it?

If you are issuing ART in AREC Quick Start in one browser, it's strongly recommended staying in this browser until all the steps are completed. If you simultaneously operate on AREC or ART in more than one browsers with the same account, they may potentially conflict with each other. In some cases, Quick Start may even get stuck in one or more of the browers.

This problem could probably get recovered by clearing the browser cache.

To clear the browser, follow the below steps:

  1. On the AREC web page (, press F12 key to call up the web developer tools.

    For keyboard that doesn't have Function keys, go to the browser's menu to find the developer tools. The menu is usually at: Main menu -> More tools -> Developer tools

  2. For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, click on the Application tab of the developer tools.

    For Firefox, click on the Storage tab.

    The Application or Storage tab may be hidden if the developer tool's window is too small. If you don't see the Application or Storage tab, try to enlarge the developer tool's window.

  3. Click on the triangle left to the Local Storage folder to expand the site list.

  4. Right-click on the item and click Clear or Delete from the pop-up menu.

  5. Close the developer tools and refresh the page.

Clear Browser Cache

Q2: Why does the Green Energy from Arkreen dashboard not match the total AREC issued amount on the AREC Overview page?

The Green Energy displayed on Arkreen dashboard represents the total electricity generated by all miners of Energy Generation Category already onboarded in Arkreen Network.

AREC protocol supports both the AREC issuance based on Green Energy generated in Arkreen Networks, and also the AREC issuance by tokenizing classic REC. So the total AREC issued amount on the AREC Overview page includes the Arkreen-Network-generated green electricity that has been issued as ARECs, and the green electricity certificate (e.g. those REC registered in institutions such as International-REC) that has been tokenized via AREC bridge.