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Energy and Miner Status

Q1: I just purchased a Remote Miner. Why does it report zero power in the past a few hours?

Remote Miners are bound to photovoltaic panels and only generate energy at daytime. When the sun rises, the Remote Miner starts to report non-zero power. It falls to zero at night. Because the photovoltaic panels may lie in a different geographic location from you, the working time of your Remote Miner may be different from your local sun-rising time. Thus, you may wait 24 or more hours to see the periodic power curve.

Q2: I bought a 100W capacity Remote Miner, but why does it report power less than 100W?

For any solar photovoltaic system, the power is variable. The capacity is the rated maximal power it could generate in ideal conditions and the actual power depends on the solar radiation. The stronger the radiation is, the higher the power is. In the morning, when the sun rises, the power will rise. It reaches the peak at noon and falls to zero at night. In a sunny day, the power will be much higher than in a rainy day. Similarly, in winter, the power will be weaker than in summer.

Q3: My Remote Miners transits to Abnormal status. What can I do?

Arkreen Network takes care of the energy data of every miner. There are various causes that a Remote Miner may indicate an Abnormal status. For example, some solar photovoltaic station may be under maintenance and ceases to generate energy for several hours. This will trigger the abnormal status. It will recover when the maintenance completes.