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Consumption Plug Miner

In addition to Energy Generation Category, a new Energy Consumption Category is introduced, which includes a new formfactor Consumption Plug Miner as one of its components. A smart plug can calculate how much energy an electrical appliance consumes as well as schedule the power supply remotely. The users could power up their appliances (e.g. air conditioner) by the smart plug to participate in the green actions.

Consumption Plug Miner would extend Arkreen’s supply side of green energy data from energy generation to energy consumption and further incentivise people to save energy consumption and also support the demand response for virtual power plant use case.

A Consumption Plug Miner NFT will be minted per each Consumption Plug Miner upon miner on-boarding.

NOTE: The smart plug hardware can also be used for energy generation data collection. See also Plant Miner.

Smart Plug

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