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Remote Miner

A Remote Miner is a fractional miner running remotely. Every Remote Miner binds to an green energy generation facility (e.g. solar photovoltaic plant). The energy facility is connected to an IoT device that collects energy generation data. The collected data is fractionized to feed several Remote Miners as if these Remote Miners were generating the energy. Unless explicitly stated, Remote Miner's default capacity is 100 Watt (0.1kW) and its default lifespan is 1-year subscription since it's purchased.

For example, a 3kW-capacity solar photovoltaic plant can feed up to 30 Remote Miners. Note that the capacity is the rated power of the energy facility rather than the actual power. For a solar photovoltaic plant, its actual power is variable and depends on the solar radiation. The stronger the radiation is, the higher the power is. In the morning, when the sun rises, the power will rise. It reaches the peak at noon and falls to zero at night. In a sunny day, the power will be much higher than in a rainy day. Similarly, in winter, the power will be weaker than in summer.

A Remote Miner can be fed by either the solar plants from Arkreen's partners or the Plant Miners from the Community Solar Program users.

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Archived information for Phase 0:

Phase 0 ends in May 2023. The information is for archive only and NOT applicable for Phase 1 and later.

In Phase 0, according to how the Remote Miner was bought, there are 2 types of Remote Miners:

  • Type 1: Remote Miners that were bought with gAKRE.
  • Type 2: Remote Miner that are bought/applied for by means other than Type 1. For example, bought with USDC or applied for with coupon.

Since Phase 1, Type 2 is the only Remote Miner type.