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AREC Quick Start

Follow these steps to seamlessly mint ART tokens from green energy generation.

Step 1: Withdrawing AKRE to Your MetaMask/WalletConnect Wallet

  • Click on "Quick Start" on the left tab.
  • Click "Approve AKRE."
  • Sign the signature request and wait for step 2 to auto complete. img.png

Step 3: Mint AREC NFTs

  • Click "Mint AREC NFT," confirm the transaction, and patiently wait for the minting transaction to complete.
  • Await confirmation for your AREC NFT status to be certified by the AREC network. img.png

Step 4: Liquidizing the AREC NFT into ART Tokens

  • Click "Liquidize AREC" and confirm the transaction prompt. Allow time for the liquidation of your AREC NFT to complete.
  • Congratulations! You've successfully completed the entire process of minting ART tokens by liquidizing AREC NFTs. img.png