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What is Arkreen Network

Arkreen is the combination of Ark and (g)reen, meaning an ark aggregating and carrying green energy data to the future.

Arkreen Network is a Web3-enabled data network for distributed renewable energy resources connection and monetization towards a carbon-neutral Earth. Arkreen Network aims to establish DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) for ReFi (Regenerative Finance) infrastructure and global inclusive network for climate action. It's built upon a massive number of individual participants, establishes a green asset issuance and absorption network grounded in renewable energy data, facilitating the consolidation of individual efforts into a substantial contribution toward carbon neutrality.

Like all DePIN networks, Arkreen Network encompasses both the supply and demand sides, creating a closed-loop supply-demand ecosystem.

The Supply Side of Arkreen Network primarily consists of data representing individual environmentally-friendly actions, including activities like household solar power generation, energy-efficient home air conditioning, and the use of electric vehicles. These green actions and their impact are quantified to generate data reflecting the contributions of these actions in the physical world, referred to as PoPW (Proof of Physical Work). This data is transmitted to the Arkreen network through the Internet of Things for validation and is globally recorded on the public DePIN blockchain. It then becomes a reliable climate action footprint for participants. This PoPW data not only serves as an endorsement for issuing green assets but also forms the basis for distributing token rewards to contributors for their climate actions.

In contrast to the supply side, Arkreen Network's issuance of green assets on the Demand Side primarily targets a diverse and fragmented community of carbon offset participants. Arkreen facilitates a voluntary tokenized green asset marketplace, allowing individual participants to purchase and redeem green assets voluntarily, according to their abilities and needs, to offset a corresponding amount of carbon emissions. For example, Bitcoin (BTC) network has historically consumed a substantial amount of electricity generated from fossil fuels. To gradually offset these historical carbon emissions, community participants can voluntarily acquire Arkreen's green assets, helping offset a portion of BTC's carbon footprint. In appreciation of their contribution to making BTC more eco-friendly, participants may also receive NFT rewards.

Arkreen Value Flow

Arkreen revolves around the tokenization of renewable green assets, placing fragmented individual participants at its core. Employing the DePIN operational methodology, it actively shapes a versatile supply-demand market, fostering inclusivity in climate action. Embracing a "collective effort" ethos, it serves as a valuable addition to the conventional green financial system, benefiting individual participants from around the world who contribute to addressing climate change.