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Economic Model

As a Web3-enabled data network for distributed renewable energy resources (DERs), the essential economic model of Arkreen is a commission fee based model.

A typical economic loop is like this:

  • Starting from Green Behavior (e.g. solar PV energy generation and energy conservation)
  • The supply side (Climate Actors) receives AKRE for green behaviors and issues ART based on green data
  • The demand side (Voluntary Carbon Actors) offsets ART (e.g., to green Bitcoin) and receives AKRE (e.g. from GreenBTC.Club)
  • Climate Actors receive AKRE by selling ART to Voluntary Carbon Actors, which encourages the Climate Actors to take more green actions
  • Arkreen receives commission fee (AKRE) for the on-chain ART issuance and offset services, which forms the long-term income