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Arkreen Newcomer Guide

Welcome to Arkreen FAM! Next, we will quickly guide you through the beginner's strategy.

Step1: Get Your First Arkreen Miner

1.1 Onboarding Welcome Gift- Claim your first Lite Remote Miner

After logging in to, the first thing you need to do is complete the first task in the Mission popup by clicking the "Claim" button on the right side of "Onboarding Welcome Gift". We have prepared a three-month Lite Remote Miner for every new member joining the Arkreen community. This will help you quickly understand Arkreen Miner products.

If the pop-up window does not appear, please click the "Mission" button in the top right corner to claim your first Lite Remote Miner.

Please Click "Claim" and "Tweet" to share with your community.

Please note that the Remote Miner and the Lite Remote Miner are different. The Remote Miner is our commercial product.

Remote Miner:

  • Remote Miners are the primary mining units that can be purchased on the Arkreen platform.
  • They contribute to the generation of Green Energy and the mining of AKRE tokens.
  • Remote Miners operate automatically once purchased and do not require additional activation.

Lite Remote Miner:

  • Lite Remote Miners are a variant that is only available through Airdrops, as announced on Arkreen's official channels.
  • They are a more lightweight version compared to Remote Miners, possibly with limited rated capacity and lifespan.

1.2 Get Your First Remote Miner Product

Click Arkreen's Shop by navigating to and select 'Buy Now'.

Choose your preferred payment method (USDC.e, USDT, MATIC) and confirm the transaction to acquire your Remote Miner.

Refer to the provided video guide for visual guidance:

1.3 100 Lite Remote Miners Free Gift

In addition to receiving a welcome gift, you have the chance to get up to 100 Lite Remote Miners as a bonus if you purchase Remote Miner products by July 31, 2024. Click the link to learn detailes about the guidelines of 100 Lite Remote Miners Free Gift.

1.4 Claim Referral Gift - Lite Remote Miners Free Gift

For each person who purchases a remote miner through your referral link, you'll receive a Lite Remote Miner as a gift. Take action now and build your exclusive Arkreen network! Click the link to learn detailes about the guidelines of Referral Lite Remote Miners Free Gift.

Step 2: Check Rewards on Dashboard

Navigate to Arkreen's dashboard at to monitor your miners. Once purchased, they will operate automatically without activation. The dashboard displays statistics such as Peak Power, Green Energy production, and your environmental Impact. Further details about your miners, including onboarding time, address, and AKRE balance, can be found by scrolling down.

Statistics for Your Miners

  • Peak Power: The sum of the peak power of your every miner in Energy Generation Category, where the peak power of a miner is the actual highest green generation power it ever reached since onboarding.
  • Green Energy: The amount of green energy produced from solar panels.
  • Impact: The amount of carbon emissions that are avoided thanks to your green energy.
  • Miners: The total quantity of all your miners of all categories.
  • RE Generators: The quantity of your miners of Energy Generation Category.
  • Plugs: The quantity of your Smart Plugs of Energy Consumption Category.

Step 3: Withdrawing AKRE

Visit Arkreen's withdrawal page at , click on the Withdraw button, sign the request, and confirm the transaction to receive your AKRE tokens. If withdrawal fails, follow How to handle with failed withdrawal to retry.

Don't miss out our new mission: "Withdraw AKRE to your wallet" and earn free AKRE!

Step 4: Get Your ART

4.1 Get 0.1 ART with Every Remote Miner Purchase

Starting from the May 8th to July 31st, 2024, for every remote miner purchased, we'll give away 0.1 ART for supporting our miner to participate GreenBTC.Club from day one without waiting the accumulated green energy generation. Claim yours now:

Notice: During this event, each Remote Miner can only receive 0.1 ART and cannot be combined with other promotions.

4.2 Minting ART with Green Energy Generated by Arkreen Miner

Head to the AREC website at and follow the Quick Start Guide. Approve AKRE for minting transaction fee, issue generated green energy to mint AREC NFT, and liquidize AREC NFT to receive ERC20 fungible token ART. Wait for the confirmation of your ART status certified by the Arkreen network.

Refer to the provided video guide for visual assistance:

Step 5: Greening Bitcoin Blocks in GreenBTC.Club

In the GreenBTC.Club website, select any unoccupied block you see on the page, after clicking on the block, you can check its energy consumption. Click 'Green it Here' to green the block.

Choose your payment method (USDC.e, USDT, ART), confirm the transaction, and connect your wallet on the GreenBTC.Club website. You will then receive a mystery box after successfully greening the block. You can then open the Mystery Box to discover your NFT, potentially a special Seed or Certificate within the GreenBTC Club ecosystem.

Head to the guidebook Using issued ART to green BTC blocks.

As an alternative, you can also green multiple BTC blocks at once. See Bulk Greening.

Refer to the provided video guide for visual assistance:

5.1 210-day Phase 1 long-term GreenBTC incentive plan

Starting from April 22nd till November 18th, 2024, we'll distribute 145,000 AKRE daily, totaling 30,450,000 AKRE!

Daily settlements will be made, and rewards will be sent to within 24 hours of the previous day's activity ending. Players can check their reward distribution status at

GreenBTC Guidelines:

Explore further details about GreenBTC's newly launched long-term incentive program by clicking on the following link:

5.2 GreenBTC.Club Boost Plan

Team up with HashKey to achieve carbon neutrality for the Bosera HashKey Bitcoin ETF!

We're committed to backing all climate action allies, speeding up our grand vision of greening BTC. Starting now, whenever you contribute to greening the HashKey Bitcoin ETF Zone, call upon for a boost of up to 10 times in your climate action efforts. Naturally, your rewards will be shared with the community. Learn details about the GreenBTC.Club Boost Plan Here:

Step 6: Sharing Your Contributions on Social Media

Engage in Arkreen events by sharing your contributions on social media. Users who post their accomplishments stand a chance to receive rewards during special Arkreen events. This step encourages community involvement and recognition of participants' efforts.

a) Arkreen Renewable Energy Certificate

b) Arkreen Climate Action Badge

c) GreenBTC Certificate

d) GreenBTC Seed