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Arkreen Mariners

Based on the principles of decentralization, efficiency and security, the Arkreen Network construction team will include a core team and a community team. The core team will be responsible for the construction of the core functions of the Arkreen network and the early establishment and operation of the foundation. The community team will be responsible for network technology, applications, cooperation, community, media and other tasks. The network construction principles include : how the funded team will assume corresponding responsibilities; how the construction content and sponsorship usage details are disclosed in a completely transparent manner; how the construction team is supervised by the foundation and the community; how network construction adopts a token-based governance decision-making model.

Arkreen will provide financial support for network builders based on DAO community governance structure. Any person or group can apply for Arkreen's ecological fund under the framework of community governance to contribute to the network, and the funded team will be responsible for its specific tasks. The community team application process will adhere to openness, professionalism, and accept community supervision to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the ecological fund and enhance the overall ecological value. Community teams can be called subDAOs.

ArkreenDAO will fund the building of teams, just as investors fund startups. This means that construction teams need to develop plans and roadmaps, building under DAO oversight, and deliver results as planned. Resources will be unlocked with agreed upon milestones.