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Community Owned

Arkreen will adopt a DAO (foundation) governance model

Arkreen aims to be the foundational layer that connects an expanding tail of fragmented distributed clean energy assets. We believe that in order to combat climate change and promote a cleaner power system, it is necessary to unite more individuals to participate in this movement, and the structure of an organization best suited for this is a decentralized DAO, which ultimately distributes control of the network to the hands of all the various users and stakeholders involved in the business process.

Completely indistinguishable from past platforms in the WEB 2.0 era, they capture the interests of users into the equity income of the platform, while users and stakeholders who are the platform builders cannot obtain the income of the platform. Instead, they are constrained by the platform rules and cannot control their ownership of data. Arkreen will record all power data on the network based on the usage of blockchain (DLT), tokens, IoT devices, and reward relevant parties accordingly. We hope that all stakeholders in the network can get matching return as their contribution and enjoy the value of the overall ecology.

In the early stage of network construction, in order to ensure an efficient and stable construction start, the governance work will be mainly led by the network core builders. According to the roadmap, we will gradually open up the network governance gate when the community reaches a certain maturity and active contributors accumulate to a certain number. The network will be operated through community governance, and everyone can participate in network construction, proposals and voting, based on the tokens they hold, and jointly create a clean energy network that benefits human beings.

DAO Governance Model


  • Composed of all stakeholders
  • The Supreme authority
  • Token stands for vote power

Governance Committee

  • Framing governance rules
  • Coordinating AIP
  • Operations

Eco Committee

  • Eco grants review and award
  • Partners cooperation
  • Marketing and community

Tech Committee

  • Lead tech R&D
  • Hardware review
  • Tech cooperation

The DAO’s governance content

The core team and other ecosystem builders will transfer control of the project to the DAO foundation in the future. Our intention is to operate this entity as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ("DAO"), where holders of tokens can participate in the construction of the network, make proposals and vote on them. Some of the main activities of the foundation will include:

1. Developing governance rules for the network. We hope that the core contributors and community contributors can actively propose network construction plans, and fully discuss them in the community. After forming a certain consensus baseline, the foundation will formulate and modify the network construction plan in the form of an Arkreen Improvement Proposal (AIP), which includes: formulating technical rules for network software and hardware; network operational rules; designing, deploying, and adjusting reward pools for contributors to clean energy networks. If any specific proposal cannot work through AIP, we can complete the resolution through Snapshot voting.

A proposed voting process

2. Formulating grant funding rules. The Foundation will provide grants for network growth and will set specific funding application requirements and procedures, and establish corresponding granting committees. Funding directions include: distributed green power computing, REC creation and trading, distributed energy management systems, community DER power grid operation, etc.

3. Adopting open source hardware path. Establishing a technical committee to whitelist third-party hardware suppliers for clean energy network equipment.