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Arkreen Mainnet Transition

We're excited to announce the launch of Arkreen Mainnet, featuring an airdrop, a tAKRE to AKRE conversion plan, token holder governance, and an on-chain Arkreen Miners migration strategy.

1. Mainnet Launch and Testnet Ending

The Phase 1 Testnet will end on Feb. 27, 2024 and the Phase 1 Mainnet will launch on Feb. 28, 2024.

Arkreen Network will pause during the 2-day network transition:

  • Arkreen Console, AREC and GreenBTC services will pause.
  • No reward will be distributed.
  • Not allowing withdrawal.

Follow the instructions in User Guideline before Arkreen Mainnet Launch.

2. Token Generation Event (TGE)

AKRE is the mainent token, generated upon mainnet launch.

AKRE will be allocated to accounts on Arkreen Network proportional to tAKRE amount at a ratio of 10 (ten) tAKRE to 1 (one) AKRE.

Your tAKRE amount to convert is determined by the two parts:

  • (1) The (frozen) withdrawable tAKRE amount in the accounts on Arkreen Network, after the testnet ends.
  • (2) The tAKRE balance in the Polygon addresses at the nearest Polygon block height after 0:00:00 Feb. 28 UTC+0, which is Block Height 54037964.

The sum of the above two parts will be your tAKRE amount to convert from.

The tAKRE -> AKRE conversion will complete in one week after the mainnet launch. After the conversion, tAKRE is no longer applicable.

You can query the converted AKRE amount in Arkreen Console.

3. Miners Migration Plan upon Mainnet Launch

Remote Miners and Lite Remote Miners will seamlessly migrate to mainnet with their lifespan reset. For example, a one-year lifespan Remote Miner onboarded in Sept. 2023 in testnet, will extend its lifespan to the end of Feb. 2025 in mainnet.

Other Miners will automatically migrate to mainnet retaining their remaining lifespan. For example, a six-month Consumption Plug Miner onboarded in Dec. 2023 in testnet, will go on work until Jun. 2024 in mainnet.

4. "The Road to DePIN+ReFi" Campaign

"The Road to DePIN+ReFi" campaign will be kicked start on Mar. 1, 2024.

This campaign will last one month until the end of March with total 1% of $AKRE supply (i.e. 100,000,000 tokens) as the incentive pool, aiming to appreciate the contribution in building Arkreen Network and encourage the entire community to begin a sustainable journey towards a decentralized future powered by Arkreen.

More detail will be shared with the community by the end of Feb. 2024.