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Token Distribution

Overall Token Distribution

The AKRE distribution is shown in the following table:

AllocateeAllocation and Emission Schedule
Community Incentive30%.
Distributed over time, assigned to Arkreen Community Builders.
Core team20%.
12 months cliff then linear release in 48 months.
20% of the allocation release at TGE + 6 months then linear release in 12 months.
Treasury controlled by token votes.
25% of the allocation release at TGE then linear release in 48 months.
25% of the allocation release at TGE then linear release in 36 months.
Token Distribution

Note: The distribution of Community Incentive changes over time to align incentives with the needs of the network.

Community Incentive Allocation Details

So far The Community Incentive allocation and distribution are:

PurposeAllocation and Distribution
Plant Miner Rewards500,000,000 tokens will be distributed according to the reward rule.
Other Miner Rewards920,000,000 tokens will be distributed in 5 years.
GreenBTC Long-term Incentive30,450,000 tokens will be distributed in 210 days since April 22, 2024 (Round 1).
Reserved1,549,550,000 tokens are reserved for later allocation, such as separate reward pools for Consumption category and Storage category, and long term incentive for GreenBTC Club.

Plant Miner Rewards Issuance Schedule

The Plant Miner's rewards are distributed from a separate reward pool per the reward rule. It depends on the rewards earned by the Remote Miners fed by the Plant Miner.

Other Miner Rewards Issuance Schedule

The Community Incentive for other miners is the reward for miners other than the Plant Miner, such as Remote Miner, Standard Miner, Consumption Plug Miner, etc. Miner owners will share the rewards per the Proof of Green Data method.

The rewards are distributed in 5 years. The number of AKRE awarded each year is shown in the following table:

YearReward per Year
1~2200 million
3~4180 million
5160 million

In the first year, the rewards corresponding to different time units are calculated below as:

Rewarded AKREs

GreenBTC Long-term Incentive

GreenBTC Long-term Incentive is to reward the GreenBTC.Club participants who green the Bitcoin historical energy consumption. See Play to Impact. The GreenBTC Long-term Incentive is divided to multiple rounds. The first round started on April 22, 2024 and will last 210 days.

Reserved Rewards

Reserved rewards are for the future incentive needs of Arkreen Network. When Arkreen Network grows, more green scenarios will come up. The reserved reward pool will gradually allocate separate pools for new scenarios or expand existing pools.