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What is AKRE?

AKRE (Arkreen Token) is the ERC-20 cryptocurrency and protocol token for the Arkreen Network. Its symbol is AKRE. The token can either be distributed as a reward to contributors who help build and maintain the Arkreen Network, and can also be used to pay Arkreen Network transaction fees and external entity payments for using the green energy data service provided by the Arkreen Network. The maximum supply of AKRE is 10,000,000,000 (10 billion). All AKRE of the Arkreen Network will be distributed to relevant contributors in batches according to the progress of network construction.

The mainnet AKRE smart contract is deployed on Polygon mainnet at address: 0xE9c21De62C5C5d0cEAcCe2762bF655AfDcEB7ab3.

An AKRE-USDC.e trading pair can be found on Uniswap V3. The trading pair smart contract is deployed at Polygon mainnet address 0x65906dbdfca73c67cf35744864d2f3f9f71a8c44.