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Arkreen Miner

Energy Generation Category

Miner TypeRewardsLaunch Phase
Remote MinerAKRE (mainnet)Phase 0.2
Standard MinerAKRE (mainnet)Phase 0.3
Plant MinerAKRE (mainnet)Phase 1
Lite Remote MinerAKRE (mainnet)Phase 1

Energy Consumption Category

Miner TypeRewardsLaunch Phase
Consumption Plug MinerAKRE (mainnet)Phase 1

Transfer Restriction

The Arkreen miner's ownership as well as any rewards earned by the miner are permanently bound to the wallet address that initially receives the miner. Arkreen doesn't support miner transfer so far. If the NFT representing an Arkreen miner is accidentally transferred to another wallet address, the miner ownership and the rewards will NOT switch to the new wallet address.

Archived information

Gaming Miner is NOT applicable since Phase 1.