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Arkreen Network Vision

Arkreen Network Vision

We believe in an infrastructure for inclusive climate actions, which aggregates data from, and passes scheduling control to energy facilities in a secure and trusted way, is the foundation for a thriving distributed renewable energy ecosystem. The purpose of the Arkreen Network is to build such an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and develop the on-chain carbon neutralization protocol, to harness innovative power via a Web3 future.

There are various pieces of equipment, machines and devices that generate, store or consume energy. Thus it’s a complex technical, engineering, and economical problem how to coordinate and incentivize all participants to achieve higher efficiency and lower carbon emission. The de-carbonization effort is contributed to if:

  • A generation party generates more renewable electricity to decrease the overall requirement for fossil-based electricity.
  • A storage party absorbs energy in times of abundant generation and feeds that energy to the consumer or the grid in times of shortage, which reduces the wasted energy amount and thus increases the usage efficiency.
  • A consumption party reduces its total consumption.
  • A consumption party moves parts of its power plan from energy shortage time to abundant time.

To help resolve the problem, Arkreen Network has built a trusted data/control IaaS network based on three pillars: the Internet of Things, blockchain (DLT) technologies and the token economy.

  • The IoT ensures that the energy measurement data can be collected directly from the equipment without any middleman, as well as any remote control instructions could be securely passed to the equipment to meet the coordination requirements.
  • The blockchain, which is a decentralized tamper-resistant distributed ledger protocol, protects data integrity and transparency using consensus of computer nodes to validate with zero trust that the data is real.
  • The token economy incentivizes the participants to contribute to the infrastructure and benefit from the network as a result of green asset circulation and service income.

Arkreen Network also develops AREC , the on-chain carbon neutralization protocol for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) issuance and consumption. It allows not only the on-chain self-certified green certificate issuance based on the energy data, but also the tokenized green certificates bridged from traditional REC institution. In addition, it defines the methods of liqudizing REC and offsetting REC.

Upon the Arkreen IaaS, the participants may conduct various energy services such as VPP (Virtual Power Plant) and accurate monitoring and forecasting, as well as green financial services such as RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) trading and Real-World-Asset collateralization. Such applications are believed to foster a renewable energy ecosystem.