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Pillar Applications

Generation of Renewable Energy Certificates

Based on the Arkreen Network’s green power, we combine blockchain, IoT, AI and other convergent technologies to formulate a technically credible and verifiable Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), then provision it to buyers who need to offset their carbon emissions. An AREC (Arkreen Renewable Energy Certificate) will be generated via the renewable energy data collected or bridged. For more information, kindly, refer to the existing RE100 standard.

See AREC for details.

Greening Consumption of Blockchain Itself

PoW (Proof of Work) blockchains consume huge electricity to compute the nonce required for consensus. Other consensus methods such as PoS and DPoS consume much less but not zero. One of such example is Bitcoin, the most famous PoW blockchain. To offset the historical carbon emission of Bitcoin, Arkreen calls the community to green Bitcoin with AREC. It's also a demand from all Web3 projects with ESG concern.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Arkreen plans to further promote distributed energy resources to achieve a higher proportion of clean energy in the grid, thereby further promoting virtual power plant applications built on the Arkreen Network to enable prosumers to monetize their flexibility and demand response potential with real-time green energy data.

We also plan to cooperate with potential VPP grid operators to jointly promote the structural transformation of the grid to accelerate the grid’s decarbonization.