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Proof of Green Data and Reward Distribution

The Arkreen Network uses a set of novel algorithms called Proof of Green Data to monitor Arkreen Network’s green energy generation, consumption and storage. All miners who correctly fulfill the Proof of Green Data tasks will be rewarded. The Proof of Green Data helps the Arkreen Network measure its generation, consumption and storage capacity, which is the basis for the network to provide green energy data asset related services.


The Arkreen Network distributes rewards to miners by considering following factors:

  • Whether the miner is in the (randomly) selected miner subset that could participate in the reward distribution in the current period

  • How many Proof of Green Data reports the miner sends within a reward period.

  • The energy data in a Proof of Green Data report is authentic or not.

  • How much green energy effort the miner contributes within a reward period:

    • For miners of Energy Generation Category, Proof of Green-energy Generation (PoGG) conducts:

      • How much energy the miner generates.
    • For miners of Energy Consumption Category, Proof of Consumption (PoConsume) conducts:

      • Baseline Reward: A constant weight for those who upload data regularly.
      • Energy Saving Reward: How much energy is consumed.
      • Demand Response Reward: TBD
    • For miners of Energy Storage Category:

      • TBD

Processing Flow

The overall processing flow is:

  1. Every miner samples Proof of Green Data in a 5-minute interval (i.e., totally 12 records per hour) and report to Arkreen Network the 12 records in a 1-hour interval. See How does a Miner fulfill the Proof of Green Data task?
  2. Arkreen Network generates a random value with a VRF (Verifiable Random Function) method at the end of the last reward period. Upon the end of the next reward period, Arkreen Network selects a subset of the miners by calculating the miner properties against the verifiable random number generated at the last period. Only those miners which meet the selection criteria are selected for the reward distribution in current reward period. See How does Arkreen Network determine which Miner will be rewarded?
  3. Arkreen Network verifies the trustworthiness of Proof of Green Data and calculates the trustworthiness score. This will knock out those miners which are judged as forgery. See How does Arkreen Network verify the trustworthiness of Proof of Green Data?
  4. Arkreen Network calculates the reward weight of every eligible miner respectively. Every eligible miner receives rewards in proportion to its weight against the total weights in the period. See How does Arkreen Network calculate the token amount that a Miner will earn?