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Roadmap Overview

Arkreen Network is built by integrating IoT, AI, blockchain and token economy. Each of them is a big topic. In today’s trivergent environment, the physical and digital worlds meshing together is a gamer changer that allows Arkreen Network to be built into a unique visionary product offering!

Phase 0Year 1
Sept. 2022~May 2023

Arkreen Network components development and user's early experience.

Arkreen Networks components (the IoT loggers, smart contracts, backend, frontend, App, etc.) are developed and fed with both testing and actually collected energy data. A restricted token issuing and reward model are initially set up to test the network and support the user trial. During the development progress, network builders can experience the newest (yet maybe immature) network features for free and are encouraged to feedback any issues and suggestions.

Phase 1Year 1~2
Since May 2023

Inclusive climate actions network, starting from solar PV panels, uplink only.

Arkreen Network encourages participants for their climate actions that could help mitigate the global warming impact. On the Supply Side, as a starting point, Arkreen aggregates green energy data by incentivizing solar PV panels' owners to plug-in their Arkreen qualified miners to their inverters. In addition, Smart Plug is another point to encourage energy saving. On the demand side , the community participants are encouraged to access the trusted energy data to provide services such as AREC offsetting and allow Web3 as well as traditional projects to offset their unavoidable carbon emission by purchasing and retiring the REC. This phase begins with a testnet which issues test tokens, then followed by the launch of the mainnet which inherits all data from the testnet while issues mainnet tokens.

Phase 2Year 3~5

Bi-directional climate actions network for more scenarios.

Arkreen Network will partner with global DER players with various renewable energy facilities such as storage batteries and energy saving scheduling services, in addition to solar PV panels and other electricity generation equipment. Not only the energy generation data is collected and uploaded but also the control commands are securely transferred down to the facilities. The demand side is enabled to harness the bi-directional data/control channel to schedule the energy more effectively. Sophisticated applications such as VPP and De-centralized Green Computation are promoted.

Phase 3Year 5 and beyond

SubDAO driven climate+crypto solutions.

Arkreen Network will migrate its experience in the power sector to other fields with climate+crypto solutions. Regenerative Finance (ReFi) solutions will be explored to further foster the climate actions network.